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Lin Xian-Tang


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On October 1921,Jiang Wei-Shu established Taiwan Culture Association by combining the youth and the intellectuals, which recommended Mr. Lin of leader, and Mr. Lin for council.

The members of Taiwan Culture Association in Tainan had held lectureships by using the name of YMCA. And Mr. Lin was taught the western history lectureships in which on every Saturdays from October 23, 1923. However, in 1924 the Taiwan Culture Association in Taipei also wanted Mr. Lin did that as teacher but the apply had been ejected by Japanese government.

On October 27, 1923, Taiwan Culture Association held the third meeting in Tainan had decided to build a summer camp for three years at Wu-Feng from 1924. And Lin was one of the teachers who taught the theology, theory of theology, and western culture history.

In the beginning of 1927, Taiwan Culture Association separated into two parts. And this year Mr. Lin accept the choosing from Taiwan Governing Office, who became an outside researcher, studied abroad in Columbia University in New York by pay. He was forty years old in this year.

The half-length photo of Lin Xian-Tang; Judged from his beard, the photo was taken in around 1919.

Lin Xian-Tang's pen-name was Chao Chen, and he was called Guan Yuan. He was born at A-Zhao-Wu village (now Wu-Feng village) in November 1st, 1881. The Lin family in Wu-Feng was a rich and powerful family of Middle Taiwan in the Chin dynasty, and famous as the same as the one of North Taiwan (Ban-Qiao Lin Ben-Yuan). He was importance primary knowledge when he was 7 years old .The Lin Family established a private school named Long-Chin Building on their own house, and he accepted the traditional education. Taiwan was ceded to Japan when he was 15 years old.

Once The Lin Family went to Mainland China to keep away from war, but they came back to Taiwan at last. There was no way to imperial examination under the rule of Colony Government. Because he did not went to accept different race culture. He kept on learning the traditional culture. We may say that he was a man nurtured by Confucianism. When Taiwan was under the government of Japan. His father, Lin Wen-Chin determined to operate the camphor export business instant of being involved in prolific. HE was died in Hong Kong when 46 years old. From now on Lin Xian-Tang became the "spokesman" of the Lin family. The Japanese intended to draw Lin Xian-Tang the leader of the new generation to Japanese's side. He was committed as the magistrate of Wu-Feng.


When he was 22 years old, he, the young master in A Zhao-Wu, served as the director of Taiwan Linen Company and befriend more and more. He also stared to learn new knowledge. He got Lin You-Chun's introduce read large of Liang Qi-Chao's writes. Lin Xian-Tang was worshiped to this Zin-Min Newspaper, and it was one of the reasons for him to became the first citizen of Taiwan, the leader of the Taiwan self-governing movement ,and the baby-sit of the Taiwan Culture(a foreign historian, Johanna M. Meskill admire for him).

In 1940, Lin Xian-Tang (right 3) with poets, which study abroad, visited Shung-Goon.


In 1907, he toured to Japan first time. He made a special trip to Zin-Min Newspaper office on Yokohama to call on Liang Qi-Chao. He did not meet with Liang Qi-Chao, Liang Qi-Chao, but not in vain, when he toured to Nara, he met with Liang Qi-Chao. Due to the different language like Southern Fukien dialect and Cantonese were quite different to communicate with each other, then they talked also by writing. The historical meeting raised the motion of national consciousness. The historical meeting raised the motion of national consciousness. Lin Xian-Tang badly stated the violent government of Japan to Liang Qi-Chao and asked how to obtain in equal treatment. Mr. Liang Qi-Chao said that The Mainland China didn't have the ability to support you and analyzed the way to struggle by force will be cause meaningless sacrifice. The best way is to imitate the mode the fighting against England for Ireland.

It inspires the motion of non-force against Japan. Lin Xian-Tang, the second large landowner in Taiwan, was affected by Mr. Liang Qi-Chao to lead the motion of non-force against Japan.


 November 30, 1941. Lin Xian-Tang was 60 years old. The friends who were from Li Club congratulated him on his on his birthday. 1911, Lin Xian-Tang welcomed the Liang Qi-Chao's visit at Taiwan. Liang Qi-Chao has ever been a guest of Wu-Feng The Lin Family. He persuaded both Lin Xian-Tang and Lin You-Chun to study in polities, economics, and sociology instead of literature in all lifetime. He listed more than 170 famous writings of East and West Culture for Lin Xian-Tang to read. The Republic of China established in 1912. The next year, 1913, in order to comprehend the situation of New China, Lin Xian-Tang went to the Mainland China. He knows many politicians, because of the Mr. Liang Qi-Chao's introduction. He was so glad that the Mother Country has been changed from feudal system to democracy.

Lin Xian-Tang received guests and visitors in the hall in Wu-Feng Lin family. And this photo should be on early days after the war. Lin Xian-Tang joined Li Club, which was founded by his cousin Lin Jun-Tang. Li Club was a poetic club, where poets there maintained cultured and intoned poems. And then, Lin Xian-Tang launched his life of revolution. In 1913, he and al the literati and officialdom originated a movement of founding Taichung senior high school (It's called Taichung First Senior High School now.) which belonged to Taiwanese.

In 1914, he joined 「Taiwan Assimilation Party Movement」 that requested had the same treatments liked Japanese. In 1918, he was the leader of students who was studied abroad in Japan to appealed Japanese government cancelled out Taiwan Governing Office's power of legislated laws and stopped performing. In 1920, Lin Xian-Tang went to Japan and founded Zin-Min Party with students who were studied abroad in Japan. Later, they started the movement of establishing Parliament sixteen times around 14 years. Zin-Min Party also published Taiwan People Newspaper. It turned into organizations that published opinions for Taiwanese until they began performing the movement of Japanilize. On August 19, 1946. Taiwan Restore Saluting Team went to Shang Hai, on September 30 had an audience with Jiang Zhong-Zheng(left 5) andLin Xian-Tang(left 3)

Lin Xian-tang never speaks Japanese and wears kimono during his lifetime.

In order to make Taiwanese can live better he had devoted his lifetime to hang on with Japanese.

Lin Xian-tang decided to strive for the democratic parliament, the most important thing of self-government, from Japan government. And he carried out the goal to build Taiwan Parliament. On Jan 30 next year, after getting 178 signers' authentication, he presented a petition (Petition Purport) to Higher And Lower House in Japanese Forty-forth Imperial Parliament. He said: "… follow the example of the world's trend of thought, to pierce the feelings of citizenry's trend, give race's equal treatment in order to practice constitutional government's normal courses..." But, we can expect that the request ion be turned back.

Lin also took part in many politics movements, such as setting up Taiwan Culture Association, Taiwan Parliament.

Lin's picture by the daring and energetic look and costume and accessories, we can make out it was taken in 1925.

On 5/15 1927, Lin and his son, Lin You-Long went to sea from Ji-Long. arriving Europe , Lin and his oldest son, Lin Pan-Long, traveled around the world.

They've ever been to England, America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Swiss, and Holland. This picture was taken in London.

In 1921 Jiang Wie-Shui set up Taiwan Culture Association for working for Taiwan culture's progress....

Learning the essence of morals from each other by exchanging views, seeking education's progress, rewarding physical education, conserving art delight. In order to honor the aged and the wise, he and the people who joined the conference of foundation recommended by general acclaim Lin Xian-tang as premier. Taiwan Culture Association's first work stressed on enlightening culture and thought. Because moved and inspired by race's spirit, people who took part in could hang together under Lin Xian-tang's leadership. Then their different opinions, separating into several groups led to the members quit partnership. Jiang Wie-Shui, who quit Taiwan Culture Association formed an political association actively to push forward his political ambition. Even though the fellow workers implored him, Lin Xian-tang accepted the chairman of a committee with difficulty. He also exchanged views with Jiang Wie-Shui to set up a party. He saw the situation of this left wing seized power, and right-winger made a stand against, the "peacemaker" felt sad, so he showed negative attitude. He purposed to break away from the disorderly situation, so he left Taiwan on May 15th, 1927.

Traveling around the world

In 1927, Lin Xian-tang traveled around the world ,he had been to England, America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Swiss, and Holland. This picture was taken in Germany

Lin Xian-tang set out from Ji-Long, and finish in April the next year. He used about one year to go to India, England, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Swiss, and America to inspect the West's politics, economy, and culture carefully. Then he wrote these things into "Round-the-world Travel Notes." "Round-the-world Travel Notes" is published on New Taiwan People Newspaper, from NO.171 published in installments for 151 rounds. It made Taiwanese in the inaccessible social environment, by reading the only mouthpiece for Taiwanese----New Taiwan People Newspaper take a broad view. Its effects were beyond description.

Taiwan People Party treated Lin Xian-tang at Peng-Lai pavilion in Taipei, Lin Xian-tang announced thoughts of the inspection visit.

Lin Xian-tang had never been educated by modern education, but he read widely and visit many places of historic interest and scenic beauty. He often quoted what he read to compare with the historical background at the moment. He also could commemorate the western great men with their biographies, which we can say he realized the new trend of thought and the new knowledge deeply. His literary language used in ancient China and preserved today for formal occasions or conspicuous display looked like Liang Qi-Chao's pen point often have emotional new style of writing.

In his article, he yearned for freedom and democracy, and expressed the helpless sorrow of being second-class national in colony. Lin Xian-tang traveled form America, but he had to remain at a place rather unwillingly. He returned to Taiwan on 1928.11.08, the public treated him at Peng-Lai pavilion(at Nan-Jing West Road, near the circle). Lin Xian-tang said: "I asked myself what I gain,the answer is white temples," but his putting in many vitality and substances in the Against Japan movement made him play a decisive role in the history of Against Japan. After Taiwan restore, he was elected for a senator of Taiwan. He also had been the person in charge of Provincial Library For National Culture (Today Council for Cultural Affairs ).

This picture was taken at the dinner in Taichung.

He died on 1956/9/8 in Japan, being buried at his hometown. He left "The Poems Left After Mr. Lin Xian-tang's Death "---comed from "Compose Poems In Reply On The Ocean","East Travelling Grass","Lin Xian-tang poet".

The Taiwan governor-general called on Lin Xian-tang(the left two)

In 1907, Lin Xian-tang(26 years old), the third son of A-Zhao-Wu, ran into his idol, Liang Qi-Chao att Nai-Liang in Japan.

They can't communicate with each other between Taiwan and Cantonese, so they communicate with writing. Liang Qi-Chao wrote with sorrow: "We were compatriots originally, now in the different countries, I feel great changing, I think that you fell so...., the meeting tonight was not by chance." Lin Xian-tang asked Liang Qi-Chao for advice that under the colony government of Japan, how can we, Taiwanese, live? " We were under the government of Japan government, the politics status was prejudiced, the economy was extracted, and the law was not fair. Most of all, the education of keeping the people unformed, we were on this situation, what can we do?" Liang Qi-Chao thought that Taiwan should follow the example of Ireland. We should associate parliament to protest ourselves. "In thirty years, China doesn't have the ability to save you absolutely. You had better to follow the example of Ireland's against England. At first the Irish used the police or army to riot, but in vain. Then they changed schemes. They colluded with the English, and get more freedom. Later, they the right to participate in politics, they can function as rivals with the English. Why don't you follow the example?"

Being affected by Liang Qi-Chao, Lin Xian-tang,who is the second biggest landowner, led the movement of resistancing against Japan positively. In order to strive for the right to be educated from the Japan government, he originated the movement of founding Taichung High School. The Lins in Wu-Feng, the Lins in Ban-Chiao, Gu Xian-rong, and many celebrities donated more than 248,000 found the first school for Taiwanese. At the same time, Lin Xian-tang was the leader of Civil Rights Movement, and the important supporter of Assimilation Party which is founded by Ban-Yuan Tui-Zhu. The purpose of "Assimilation Party" is request Taiwanese to do their duty faithfully, having the use of the same right. Because the office of governor thought Taiwanese was treasonable. It was impossible to assimilate easily, "Assimilation Party" was banned in 34 days.

After War One, the nationalism developed vigorously. In 1902, Lin Xian-tang went to Japan to combine the youth studying in Japan to form "Shin-Min Club" He acted as the president of "Shin-Min Club". Shin-Min Club opened up the petition of forming Taiwan Parliament for 16 years. Until the movement of Japanization it was suppressed and became silent. "Shin-Min Club" also published the "Taiwan People Newspaper" to acted as the organization of opinion on public affairs. When Taiwan People Newspaper had published for five years in 1937 it broke through 50,000 copies. And it can be mentioned in the same breath with "Taiwan Dairy Newspaper", which is the biggest papers published by Japanese.

Lin Xian-tang never speaks Japanese and wears kimono during his lifetime.

In order to make Taiwanese can live better he had devoted his lifetime to hang on with Japanese.

Lian Ya-Tang is called Yun-Bin first, his name in his pedigree of a clan is Chong-Song. He was named Wu-Gong, Tian-Zong, and called Lian Ya-Tang, Jian-Hua. He was also named Mu-Zhen. He was born on Feb 17, 1878(January 16th, the 6th year of Guang-Xu) in Barrack Of Ning-Nan Workshop, Tainan, where was belonged to Liu Yong-Fu's "Democratic Republic of Taiwan."

At 13, his father gave him "Yu Wen-Yi's continuing to edit Taiwan History", and said:" You are a Taiwanese, so you must know things about Taiwan." At 20, he went to Shang-Hai. Then went to St. John University to study Russian. But his mother pressed him to give up studies to return to Taiwan and get married. After returning to Taiwan, he made friends by poems. As long as the poem club had gatherings, he often made poems with everybody. At 22, he acted as the editor-in-chief of the Chinese department. Then he worked for " News Tainan(combined from Newspaper of Taiwan and Pescadores and News Taiwan)", "Lu-Jiang Newspaper(Xia Men)", and "Fukien Dairy Newspaper."

Lian Ya-Tang collect many papers of "Democratic Republic of Taiwan." He was determined to write "Taiwan History" in 1899.

Dr. Sun Yi-xian came to Taipei in 1900, commanded revolt in Hui State at Taipei Crisis(near Chang-Sha Street now). At the Same time, Lian Ya-Tang acted as the editor-in-chief of Chinese department of "Tainan Newspaper." Because he admired Dr. Sun Yi-xian in the heart, he called himself "Mr. Wu." He said: "Dr. Sun Yi-Sen is called "Sun Wen", so I was called "Mr. Wu." One is Wen, the other is Wu. One is at the north, the other is at the south."

In 1906, he was 29, Lian Ya-Tang felt the members of "Lang-Yin Poetry Club" were withered, so he and Cheng Wei-Chuan invited Zhao Zhong-Chi, Shie Shi-Chiu, Zou Shiao-Chi, Yang Xuan-Lu, and Lian De-Yu to change it into "Nan Club." In 1908, they joined "Li Club", which formed by Lin Chi-Xian.

There were thirty file, eighty-eight chapter, about six hundred thousand words in the Taiwan History. There were one thousand two hundred ninety years since Da-Ye 1st Yearn of Sui Dynasty to Guang-Xu 21st Year of Ching Dynasty that Taiwan was governed by Japan. When 「Taiwan History」were sold at the beginning, because Japan governed, the market was not good. After twenty four years, because Sino-Japanese War was over, Chinese understood a few of Taiwan which was governed by Japan, and The Commercial Press Ltd. printed「Chong-Ching first edition」,「Shang-Hai first edition」for all kinds of demand. Lian Ya-Tang form「Taiwan Poetic Club」on February 1924,there were the new poetry, the old poetry, the new compassion, and the old compassion .Besides of these, there were also biographies and all types of articles.[Taiwan Poetic Club] publish twenty two periodical, because the statement had problems, it stopped publishing on October 1925,and resign the editor. Lian Ya-Tang went to China with his wife and sons, and lived in Hangchow, Xi lake. Because of the Northern Expeditionary of China, he came to Taipei with his family, and lived「Tai-Ping street」(Yan-Ping North Road now). He ran 「Lian Ya-TangBookstore」with friends,but he was not businessman after all,「Lian Ya-TangBookstore」went out of business on the second years.

Because Japanese forbid Taiwanese,people forgot Taiwanese, and Lian Ya-Tang felt worried, then to preserve Taiwanese, he decide to put Taiwanese in order and add glory it. He spent five years editing「Taiwanese Verification and Solution」since 1929 to 1933.

On September ninth 1930, [3-6-9 Tabloid] was begun publication in Tainan.

「For Explaining And Researching Taiwanese」had published in installments on the special column of the course of Taiwanese which was written by Lian Ya-Tang for a year since no. 35.

When Lian Ya-Tang was old , he is crazy about Buddhism. The "918" incident is in 1931 when Japan attacked Chinese. Lian Ya-Tang take his son, Lian Zheng Dong, to China. He told his son "If you want Taiwan to return China, you must build China." He was infected with liver cancer and died in Shang-Hai on Jane 28th 1936. After Retrocession, Lian Ya-Tang's grandson, Lian Zhan, take his cremains from Chong-Ching to his country.

Chen-Shin and the movement of culture enlightenment campaign.

During he stitued in Japan, Taiwan students in Japan pushed forward the beginning of national movement. Young students who take part in Tokyo Taiwan Youth were the principal part, under the leader of Tzai Hui-Ru. (Tzai Hui-Ru had mastered in Taiwan national movement) In Jan,1999, they formed "Shin-Ming Club." They decided three active goal:

1. In order to add Taiwanese's happiness, they devoted themselves to reformation of policy and society.

2. Publish periodical, communicate party associates.

3.Think up a method to contact with party associates in China.

In Apr,1922, Chen-Shin returned to Taiwan and get married with Shie Chi-Lan. Chen-Shin's father-in-law, Shie Shi-Chiu, he formed "Nan Club" with Zhao Yu-Shi, Lian Ya-Tang, Hu Nan-Ming、Yang Shuan-Lu.